Ace Letters to the Editor 5.27.1998

Ace Letters to the Editor 5.27.1998

A Candidate’s Response
After reading your election coverage issue, I must admit to having Jewish Mother Syndrome. “You never write, you never call, what is wrong with you kids these days?”

Now I realize that my campaign is a much smaller affair than those that you are used to dealing with. Even though this will get to you far too late to do me any good, I thought you might be interested in some of the facts of my campaign.

I was the first Candidate to file papers with the state offices in October of 97 My website was launched in November.

I have never solicited or accepted any PAC funds of any kind. Sorry Jim Newberry, you are not the only candidate to refuse Tobacco Money.

I have been in almost all the Candidate Forums that have been taking place throughout the district. My feedback from the audience members has been quite supportive, even on my “off” nights.

I have consistently called for our Representatives to be “Citizen Legislators,” not professional Politicians. You will note that this is a term which has gained popularity with my opponents.

I have been the lone voice to say that the lack of respect that the American Working People are being treated with is both a disgrace and a matter of national concern for two reasons:

*To artificially withhold the benefits of our solid economic growth from those that drive it creates a situation which is not sustainable. Keeping the lower 60 percent of wage earners at 1973 level wages is a short-sighted, short term scenario.

*To demand (economically) that both parents work, and work longer hours than the previous generation just to maintain the same lifestyle tears at our social fabric. I believe that it is at the core of many of our current social problems and concerns.

I could go on and on, but I just thought you might be interested in what you missed.

Thank you,

Scott Land
Perryville, via fax

Thanks for responding Scott. And you may not technically be too late, because, although we don’t know the election results at press, a substantial proportion of this issue will begin distribution around lunchtime on election day. So your impassioned plea may win you a few votes yet.

A word about the process, we tracked our contacts on the races we selected, and as we mentioned at the beginning of our article, we were unable to talk to a number of candidates for a variety of reasons. Our records show that we got a fax tone when we called the number we had for you; we then tried a fax, which appeared to go through; and our email was returned “Host Unknown.” You weren’t intentionally left out or slighted.

We know you were only kidding, but you probably lost the “Jewish Mother” vote with your first line-however, keep in touch if you make it to November-when we’ll make a whole new round of endorsements based on the primary results.