Good Dog, Bad Dog: How Did Scotty (Baesler) vote?

Good Dog, Bad Dog: How Did Scotty (Baesler) vote?


How did Scotty vote?
by Rob Hulsman

Scotty Baesler has an undeniable link to Lexington. He was born here; he played college basketball here (under Adolph Rupp, no less); and (for better, and sometimes worse) he reigned as mayor of our fine city for nearly a decade. He has also worked as vice mayor of Lexington and as the Fayette County district judge. He eventually ran for and won a seat in Congress (after a failed swipe at governor). As a career politician, Baesler has, like any halfway politically savvy Kentuckian would, cloaked himself in the uniform of a Democrat. While he does occasionally heed the call of the donkey’s drum, there are definite holes in the fabric of his partisanship. Here are a few key votes during his tenure as Representative from the 6th district of Kentucky.


– Votes that earned our respect.

No to House Bill #19950337: A Republican proposal that would have stripped our already meager Clean Water Act.

No to House Bill #19960092: An attempt, by the NRA-supported wing-nuts that hold our country hostage under the barrel of gun violence, to repeal the Assault Weapons Ban.

No to House Bill #19970266: Essentially standing up for the National Endowment for the Arts and blocking an attempt to further decimate its already meager budget by those that would have you believe it’s a federally funded pissing contest.

No to House Bill #19970524: Siding with the Teacher’s Union to try and save our public schools, as opposed to Republican plans to make the quality of a child’s education directly in proportion to his/her economic status.


An Elephant in Donkey’s Clothing

(We didn’t send a Republican to Congress, now did we?)

A yes vote for House Bills #19950756, #19960094, #19960422: All attempts to criminalize certain late-term abortion proceedings, vetoing the president twice. These measures even outline would-be jail terms for doctors who perform the procedure, regardless of the women’s health.

A yes vote for House Bill #19960316: Making same-sex marriages null and void in the eyes of the federal government. A socially intolerant view that not only discriminates, it takes power of decision on this matter away from more potentially progressive states.

A yes vote for House Bill #19970202: A constitutional amendment prohibiting flag burning. Unfortunately the House hasn’t passed any bans on desecrating the constitution.

A no vote for House Bills #19950807, #19950825: Votes that respectively shot down disclosure on gifts and restrictions on lobbying. Not a surprise from Scotty.

A yes vote for House Bill # 1998006: Ouch, the final insult! A democrat voting to re-name the Washington airport after Ronald Reagan, the very president that fired all striking air traffic controllers.

Let ACE buy you a drink; that’s pretty hard to swallow.