Letters to the Editor. Ace Magazine. 1.05.2000

Letters to the Editor. Ace Magazine. 1.05.2000

Model Speak
To the editor,
Thank you for selecting Laurie Bottoms for the posthumous honor of Millennium Model [Dec 22]. Her devotion to the Carnegie Center was an inspiration to many and she is sorely missed.

Jane Barrett
via email

Dear Editor, what a pleasure to pick up the newest issue [Dec 22] and see Frank X Walker on the cover.

At a time when there is always a commotion about how African Americans and other minorities are portrayed in the media, it is gratifying to see that Ace takes the time to report on the good news from this community, and to respect the contributions made by this community.

Though Walker’s contributions as a creative force are far beyond any ordinary discussion of race, it was pleasing to see such a positive depiction, especially on your cover.

He’s a role model for any person of any race or gender or age.

Very truly yours,
Regina Farley
via email

Dear Ace,
Thank you for including the work of Home At Last Animal Sanctuary in your Millennium Models issue [Dec 22]. I am certainly flattered to be mentioned with such a fine group of forward thinking individuals who have made and are making a difference in this region.

The accomplishments of Home At Last would not be possible, however, without the tireless efforts of our board members and staff, the dedication of wonderful volunteers, and the generous support of our loyal members, whose contributions are instrumental in our struggle to help bring about a time when there are no more homeless companion animals and all animals are treated with kindness and respect.

Thanks also for Ace Magazine’s priceless help in combating the companion animal overpopulation problem through regular Ace Picks for adoptable animals and your excellent Charitable Giving issue [Nov 24]. In addition, the thoughtful cover story of two years ago, “Salvation In Salvisa,” exposed the scope and thrust of our pioneering effort to a very animal friendly readership. Many are now Home At Last members and friends.

Stan Petrey
Pres., Home At Last Animal Sanctuary

Dear Ace Magazine Staff:
First of all, let me say that I was honored to be included in your list of good guys [Models, Dec 22]. The fact is that among a very large group of very dedicated people, I’m simply the one with the biggest mouth.

The main reason for writing is to remind you what a service you provide to our community. When other local publications do lavish articles with tons of color photography and graphics it never has the impact of the simple small notice with a plea for additional volunteers [in the ACE List], or your “wish list” article [Nov 24] which caused our phones to ring off the hook at Moveable Feast Lexington. Since our inception your support has been consistent and ever valuable and for that we thanks you. Please keep up the good work.

Remind us over and over until we get it through our heads that when it comes to the arts, including music, theater or dance that, as a community, we really do get what we demand. Continue to point out the absurdities of our local and state political systems that debate the posting of the ten commandments in classrooms when people are dying every day from hunger and treatable diseases. And most of all, make us laugh at ourselves for that goes beyond understanding and approaches realization that is, after all, the only real goal.

Happy New Year,
Michael Thompson
Moveable Feast

Checking the Math
Your mag is a great forum for alternative viewpoints, which are usually well expressed. However, for the sake of future rhetorical efforts, someone should kindly point out to Planned Parenthood’s Ri Gleason [Letters, Dec 8] that there is no such quantity as “THREE TIMES LESS” or “TWO TIMES LESS.” Fifty percent less is half as much, and 100 percent less (one time less?) takes you all the way to zero. She might have reasonably said “two-thirds as much” or “one-third less”, both meaning the same thing; but “three times less” is a meaningless oxymoron. Three times anything real is not less, but more.

Lee Creech
via email

Another Spirit in the Sky
Dear Editor,
I want to thank you for the recent articles ” The Spirit in the Sky” (page 13) and “Off the Beaten Path” (page 18) from December 8.

These were informative articles and I enjoyed reading about other religions.  I want to inform [your readership] about another group that could be added to the “Off the Beaten Path” list, the Eckankar Center of Lexington.

Eckankar is an international organization that promotes spiritual development by studying dreams, reading books/discourses, practicing Spiritual Exercises, and Soul Traveling under the guidance of Harold Klemp.

The next worship service is Sunday, January 16, 2000. The public is welcome to attend.

In addition to worship services, there are book discussions, dream discussions, and television broadcasts….

Deborah Baird 

More detailed info from this letter was edited and is included in the List.