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CD Review: Swifty, On (Recordsmith)


The massive sound of Swifty is jam-packed with buzzing guitar riffs. Rich in verve and flair, Swifty sounds like the quintessential party band for today’s radio fans with their loose, boozy, and raucous tunes. Their latest effort, On, is a freely lucid demonstration of the excitement of the rock & roll tradition.

“Secret Code,” “Crystal-Clear,” and “List of Things to Do” are fine examples of pop-rock with catchy choruses. “Real Rock Town” boasts a clever bridge while “Film Star” hinges on subtle vocal touches. With moments that hang on a single note, songs like “Chapter One” and “Cheating Works Best” work wonders.

Thick with guitar tones that resonate through the mix, these songs are all about volume. Producer Les Campbell has come up with a judicious mixture of instruments, creating convincing textures to accompany the sturdy rhythm section. And it’s those small details that help to produce songs that are instantly memorable.

Vocalist John Herzog sings with cool assurance, his serpentine soul voice spouting verities for those willing to listen. Of the sixteen tracks, there are a couple of weaker tunes and a few flashes of inconsistent mixing where one song may sound louder than another. But those moments are sparse and do little to detract from this otherwise impressive alterna-pop release. –Chris Webb