Who’s That Guy: the lucky artist Charles Ellis

Who’s That Guy: the lucky artist Charles Ellis


Who’s that guy?

As many of you may remember, handsome and eligible Bachelor #1 (Ace’s Bluegrass Bachelors Charity Date Auction), Charles Ellis, is an artist. And a good one at that. Ellis just had a chance to show his stuff at one of the most packed Fourth Fridays that the Lexington Art League has hosted. While the final viewing of the Nude 2001 exhibit was going on downstairs, Ellis was one of the featured Guest Artists who displayed his wares in one of the studios on the second floor. But his talents don’t just stop at art. He’s also lucky, if that don’t beat all. He won this year’s Valentine’s Raffle at the Loudoun House – a one of a kind Arturo Sandoval piece entitled Three Hearts as 1. The original Sandoval is a mixed media fiber collage of large, red overlapping hearts in rich shades of red on a black background.

And for all of you ladies who wish to catch another glimpse of the multi-talented Bachelor #1, be sure to check him out in 1995’s indie film Reception to Follow, shot in Louisville. It played in Lexington at the Kentucky Theater and was later sold to the Sundance Channel where it aired for fourteen months. The comedy revolved around twenty characters at a wedding reception that wander in and out of a lavish bathroom. There’s a LOT of Charles in this film, if you know what we mean. According to director Archie Borders, “Did I mention that Charles was nekkid as the day is long?” Yes, now you get it, don’t you?

Stay tuned for more bachelor alumni updates including this summer’s Bachelor Swimsuit Calendar. -EC