News Briefs 01.30.2003

News Briefs 01.30.2003


News Briefs 01.30.2003

Tickets, please

The Lexington Men O’ War announced a “Ticket Pledge Renewal Campaign” for the 2003-04 season.

The Men O’ War face an existing deadline of March 1st to secure the equivalency of 1,200 season tickets. Ticket prices have been lowered and there is no money due until July 1st, but the pledges are needed by March 1st.

Lexington Men O’ War hockey places 40 events in Rupp Arena every calendar year, and provides an estimated economic impact of three million dollars to Fayette County.

For more information, fans and companies are encouraged to call (859) 455-9900 or view a “pledge sheet” on-line at

No war
On Monday January 27, Central Kentucky peace activists joined with activists across the U.S. in an hour of protest. The protest’s message: “Not in Our Name Will You Wage War on Iraq.”

Peace activists gathered at Lexington’s Triangle Park to make their voices heard in opposition to war.

The call for actions on 1/27/03 was issued by the Not In Our Name Campaign. The Campaign is calling for actions all across the U.S. For more information, visit their website:

On Saturday, January 18 2003 about 200 Central Kentuckians gathered at the Blue Grass Army Depot in Richmond for a “Witness of Conscience” to protest war on Iraq. Activists used used life-size dolls (“ghost children”) to help make real the fact that American children (our sons mainly) and Iraqi children will die in the war. The protesters symbolically blocked the truck gate of the Depot. There were no arrests. The Depot was the source of the majority of the small arms ammunitions used by the U.S. in the first Gulf War. The organizers plan further actions at the Depot in February.