Artist Matt Weddington presents

Artist Matt Weddington presents

Object D’art

Often, a performer will draw on their life experience, mining its content for presentation to an audience. Usually, the artist or entertainer will find inspiration by reflection on a situation into which they’ve been thrust. With Matthew Weddington, the performance is a mix both of the chronicling of life’s travails and the presentation of self-imposed distress. However, with the patience of a 3rd grader raised on MTV and sugary cereals, if he doesn’t find himself surrounded by disappointment, heartache or despair, Weddington will find a way to create bad luck for himself–all for the entertainment of his audience.

On Friday, February 14th, 2003, Weddington, currently studying at the Chicago Institute of Art, will give a presentation about his current, future, and past projects.

University of Kentucky, Room 118, Classroom Building, 12:00 – 12:50pm.

-M. Brotherton