Ace Best of Lexington 2003 9.04.2003

Ace Best of Lexington 2003 9.04.2003


By Kevin Faris


Ace Best of Lexington 2003 CoverWell, if you were not aware of it before, it should be perfectly clear. Ace Weekly has completely sold out to the man. Sad to say, but the corporate world has so infested our newspaper that I would be surprised if the front cover did not say, “ACE Weekly: Brought to You by Microsoft!” or Disney or some other conglomerate. The proof lies in the pudding, or in our case the Riblets. If the far-reaching claw of the evil empire that is Applebee’s was ever in doubt, than this “BEST OF LEXINGTON” issue should lay that firmly to doubt. Yes, the newspaper that once had bars that had been closed for years, (The Wrocklage), and movies that opened in the mid-90s, (100 Proof), receiving a substantial amount of votes has now awarded Applebee’s “Best Happy Hour.”

I should clear up a misconception. ACE Weekly did not award Applebee’s anything, you the reader did. One of the more humorous weeks on the calendar is the one that follows the “Best of” issue, where people accuse ACE of rigging the elections, of only awarding businesses that we like or have relationships with the prizes. Well, this should put any talk of that to rest. Trust me, if this were fixed, there is no way I would let Applebee’s win anything. Although, in their defense, they are a very well-run business that seems to be popular amongst a large percentage of people. I cannot bad mouth them too much, I have a liberal arts degree and may need a job someday.
The independent spirit of ACE, however, did show through in other ways. The ideas of what to do with the money pit that is Lexington Mall showed not only creativity, but just the right amount of destructiveness that I appreciate in any good idea. And before you think that I am some sort “Inside the Circle” snob, which, to admit, I kind of am, I have a confession. I love Starbucks. And apparently, so do a lot of you. It won, “Best Coffee.”

This “Best of” has a different feel from the others. The wide array of businesses and people that were named reflect on a growing readership of ACE. Although Lexington is not a big city, it is spread out enough that those of us in one neighborhood may not appreciate what lies elsewhere. We are growing up and growing out, suburbs here we come! To quote Vince Vaughn in Swingers, “Our baby’s all growns up!” And, in the end, it is not my opinion that counts, it is yours, and if you say Applebee’s is the best, than I say, “Bring on my Brewtus and Riblets! And don’t Bogart the wetnaps, my friend, because I am one messy dude.”


Arts and Entertainment


Wingspan: Art Gallery
Wingspan: Art Gallery

Art gallery


Ann Tower

Starving Artists


Visual art exhibit (in last year)
Dynamic Doors

All the Queens Horses

Nude 2003

Public art


Dynamic Doors: Public Art
Dynamic Doors: Public Art. Photo By: Jamie Robinson

Dynamic Doors

Saturday art in Phoenix Park

Pat Gerhard


Local visual artist

Pat Gehard

Arturo Sandoval

Blake Eames


Book by a Kentuckian (in last year)

Pat Gerhard: Local Visual Artist.
Pat Gerhard:
Local Visual Artist. Photo by:Michael Geneve

Chris Offutt’s No Heroes

Thomas Clarke, 100 Years


Local theater production (in last year)

Dirty Blonde

Streetcar Named Desire



New local CD

Club Dub

Green Genes

C.O. Jones


Local band due for a national breakout

Club Dub


Orange Whip


Music venue

The Dame

Starlight Music Club

The Phoenix


Place to geek out

Laser Quest

Joseph Beth

Comics & Collectibles


Thing to do in lex for under $10 bucks

Kentucky Theatre/Summer Wed. Night Old Movies

Fourth Friday

[there may be a debateas to whether it’s possible to spend less than $10 for a day at Keeneland, but the readers have spoken]



Beauty, Health, & Fitness

Planet Salon: Hair Salon.
Planet Salon: Hair Salon. Photo by: Patrick Eul

Hair salon

Planet Salon

Hair & Now



Hair stylist

Mickey at Voçe

Douglas at Douglas & Assoc

Troy at J.Allen



Nail Perfection

Planet Salon



Wax job

Hair & Now


Planet Salon




Sun Spa

Sun Tan City


Yoga instructor

Lexington Athletic Club

Ford’s Fitness





Lexington Athletic Club


Basketball court


UK (blue courts)

Shillito Park



UK Arboretum: Best bike Trail
UK Arboretum:
Best bike Trail. Photo by: Patrick Eul

Bike trail


Beaumont Center Trail System

Jacobson Park


Massage (legal please)

Lex Professional Massage/The Massage Center

Planet Salon



Permanent hair removal

Plastic Surgeons of Lexington

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Advanced Hair Removal

Plastic surgeon

Dr. Andy Moore

Dr. Robert S. Baker

Dr. Marty Luftman


Eye surgeon

Commonwealth Eye

Dr. William N Offutt IV MD

Dr. Abell


Eat & Drink


Le Deauville
Le Deauville:
Best New Restaurant. Photo by Patrick Eul

New restaurant (opened in last year)

Le Deauville


Johnny Carino’s


Date restaurant


A La Lucie’s

Ed & Fred’s Desert Moon


Business lunch


Johnny Carino’s

Ed & Fred’s Desert Moon


New ethnic offering


Tandoor Indian

Cielito Lindo


Happy hour






Billy's BBQ
Billy’s BBQ: Best BBQ. Photo by Patrick Eul

Best BBQ

Billy’s BBQ


Tony Roma’s



Buffalo & Dad’s


Tolly Ho


Wait staff



Bella Notte



Jesse Wright (at Atomic Café)

Brian (at Marikka’s)

Jacob Gonzales (at Jonathan At Gratz Park)



Kate Savage: Best Catering Fare
Kate Savage: Best Catering Fare. Photo by Mick Jeffries


Bleu Ribbon Catering (Kate Savage)

Dupree Catering

Donna Potter


Cup of coffee in town


Common Grounds


Kentucky bourbon

Labrot & Graham’sWoodford Reserve

Maker’s Mark



Auto dealer

Don Jacobs on Nicholasville

Lexus Store on Nicholasville

James Motor Company



Black Swan Books
Black Swan Books: best used books. Photo by Patrick Eul

Used/neighborhood bookstore

Black Swan

Book Cellar

Morgan Adams


Place to buy/sell used music

CD Central

Spy Records



Women’s clothing

Bella Rose

AJ’s Casuals

World’s Apart


Men’s clothing


Howard & Miller

Banana Republic


Eclectic/artsy/funky jewelry


Black Market

Isle of You


Fine jewelry

Farmer’s Jewelry

Shelia’s Fine Jewelry

Corbett Frame



Wild Oats
Wild Oats: best new store. Photo by Patrick Eul

New store (opened in last year)

Wild Oats

General Eccentric



Gift shop (funky/eclectic)

3rd Street Stuff

Paisley Peacock



Gift shop (fancy/schmancy)

For Friends

LV Harkness

Mulberry on Lime


Place to buy gift to get out of doghouse

Shelia’s Fine Jewelry

Avant Travel

Best of Flowers


Store you wish Lexington had


Pottery Barn



Sex & The City

Eligible bachelor in Lex

Jesse Whitaker

Marvin Bartlett

Alexa Gromko
Best Eligible Bachelorette In Lexington Alexa Gromko

Jim Gray

Eligible bachelorette In Lex

Alexa Gromko

Courtney Walker

Mollie Baker

Power couple

Alan and Kathy Stein

Thomas Dysarz and Michael Meehan

Brian and Cathleen Collins

Alan and Kathy Stein
Best Power Couple Alan and Kathy Stein. Photo by Forrest Payne

Hon. Mention: Paul Patton & Tina Conners


Sexiest local band

Club Dub

G Funk

Orange Whip


Sexiest local news anchor (male)

Marvin Bartlett

Sam Dick

TG Shuck

Dia Davidson
Dia Davidson: Sexiest Local News Anchor (female)

Sexiest local news anchor (female)

Dia Davidson

Jennifer Nime

Alexa Gromko


Sexiest elected official

Ernesto Scorsone

Chuck Ellinger

Teresa Isaac


Home & Garden

Pohl Rosa, Pohl
Pohl Rosa, Pohl: Best Architectural Firm

Architectural firm

Pohl Rosa Pohl

Fitzsimons Office of Architecture

Sarah Tate, Tate/Hill/Jacobs/Architects INC.


Interior designer

Holly Hanna Interiors LLC

Hubbuch & Co.

Ann Greely Interiors



Stephen Hillenmeye
Best Landscape Architect/Garden Designer Stephen Hillenmeyer. Photo by Rebecca C. Wilson

Landscape Architect/Garden Designer


Henkel Denmark

Four Seasons


Contemporary/modern furnishings

Modern Details


Bluegrass Bazaar



Heritage Antiques


Belle Maison


Cannon Plumbing

John Johnston

Tommy Taylor


Home Inspector

Pruitt Property Inspection Inc. (Steve Pruitt)

John Bain, Bain Property Inspection Inc.

Kenny McLaughlin


General contractor

Atchison & Heller

Phase IV

Sawhorse Construction

Honest roofer

Burnett & Sons

Ben Harper

Reliable Roofing



Rick Queen

Becky Mobley

Donna Woodward


Luxury apartment community

Grand Reserve at Pinnacle

Park Place

The Resort


Services & Professional


First Security

Fifth Third

Community Trust



Chevy Chase Animal Clinic

Gainesway Small Animal Clinic

Todd Marcum


Law firm

McBrayer McGinnis Leslie and Kirkland

Stites & Harbison

Stoll Keenon & Park



Makenna Foundation
Makenna Foundation

Local charity

Makenna Foundation

Habitat for Humanity

Humane Society



Best of Flowers

Stephen Hein



Michler's Florist
Michler’s Florist

Dulworth, Breeding & Karns

Potter and Co

Foster Financials


ISP provider (local!!)

Blue One



Lowell’s Bluegrass Automotive

Charlie’s Foreign Auto

Alpine Motors


Car wash

Jeff’s Car Wash


Soapy Joe’s


Cleaning crew

2 Ladies and a Bucket

Merry Maids

Molly Maids


Local Color (people & places)


: Best Activist. Photo by Patrick Eul
Bruce Burriss: Best Activist. Photo by Patrick Eul


Bruce Burriss

Gatewood Galbraith

Frank Walker



Don Pratt

Gatewood Galbraith

Mike Scanlon


Use for Lexington Mall’s current carapace

Larger Farmer’s Market

Outlet Mall

Drive-in movie theater



Seabiscuit Premiere Lexington
Seabiscuit Premiere: Things to happen to downtown this year. Photo byEric Shields

Thing to happen to downtown this year

Seabiscuit Premiere

Civic Center Remodel

Dynamic Doors


Local politician you love-to-hate

Ernie Fletcher

Teresa Isaac

Mike Scanlon


Council member

Bill Farmer

Bill Cegelka

Gloria Martin


State legislator

Kathy Stein

Ernesto Scorsone

David Williams


Idea you’d like to share with LFUCG

Buy the Water Company

Don’t buy the Water Company

Fix Roads/ hire a traffic engineer to time all the lights/traffic/
public transport

Isaac out, Gray in

Connect Man O’ War

Pay raise for cops and firemen



Lexington Ball
Lexington Ball: Best Annual Charity fundraiser

Annual Charity Fundraiser

Lexington Ball

High Hope Steeplechase

Bluegrass Bachelor Auction


Place to Shower during ice storm


Gold’s Gym

Planet Salon


Maker’s Mark

Chick Fil-A

Central Baptist Hospital

Evening newscast



WDKY Fox 56 news at 10


News hair

Alexa Gromko

Dia Davidson

Marvin Bartlett


Local meteorologist

Bill Meck

Brian Collins

TG Shuck


Local radio talk show

Tom Leach & Al Greenwood

Kruser and Crew

Sue Wylie



Andy Mason


Cousin Deek


Radio station




Democracy, Whiskey, Sexy Ace Magazine Cover
Democracy, Whiskey, Sexy: Best Cover Story (of last year)

ACE cover story (in last year)

Democracy, Whiskey, Sexy

Heir to McClanavan