Ace Letters to the Editor 11.06.2003

Ace Letters to the Editor 11.06.2003

Power to the People

I want to thank Ace Weekly for including me in your “Power Issue.” I don’t know of many instances in which people who work with and for people considered by some to have a developmental disability, are recognized publicly for their efforts.

Your generous profile listed me as the “founder” of Latitude, and I wanted to mention that as with all things at Latitude, my business partner and friend Crystal Bader shared equally in that, and I believe the creation of Latitude was actually an idea she had.

Crystal navigates a perilous and disturbingly inhumane bureaucracy and if it were not for her creativity, endurance and belief in those we serve, Latitude as it is with so many other agencies, could easily end up serving this bureaucracy to the detriment of those with disabilities.

Thank you once again for the recognition, it really is an honor.

Bruce Burris