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Introducing the New Lexington Legends Manager: Andy Shea, at home in the Bluegrass

Andy Shea, named General Manager of the Lexington Legends this past
November, is the Youngest General Manager in Minor League Baseball.
Originally from Philadelphia, Shea has been a member of the Lexington community
for three and a half years. Before taking the General Manager position, Shea was the Assistant General Manager for a year and a half with the Legends.

Asked what he loves about the bluegrass this time of year, he answers with
appropriate post-March Madness timing, “My favorite uniquely-bluegrass thing to do
is go to UK basketball games. There are college basketball games across the country, but
I have never experienced events like UK basketball. I’ve been to the Super Bowl, several
World Series games, Stanley Cup, and NBA Championship games, yet I am still enamored by the crowd and the city whenever UK has a home basketball game.”

His love of Lexington’s sports doesn’t end with the two-legged variety. Aside from
the time he spends at the ballpark, he admits “My favorite place to take out-oftown
visitors has to be Keeneland. Before I moved to Lexington I had never thought
twice about a horse race…now I can’t get enough! The whole atmosphere is tremendous.
Every single time I’ve ever been to Keeneland everyone is in such a great mood
and having such a great time. You can’t help but enjoy yourself.”

Shea played one and a half years of baseball at Boston College before shoulder
surgery ended his playing career. As a freshman and sophomore catcher at Boston
College Shea played the role of back up to Jeff Mackor; Mackor was the catcher for
Roger Clemens when Clemens pitched for the Lexington Legends in 2006.

As for his favorite Lexington celebrity, he goes for a stretch with New York Yankees
manager Brian Cashman, saying “Not sure if he counts, but he did live in Lexington for a while. He has one of the most stressful, but also one of the best jobs in the world.”

Asked to comment on the Legends roster, he responds with a page that could
come from the Bull Durham “good Lord willing” playbook, “My favorite quality in a Legends player is when they realize who they are to the community and to their teammates. For a lot of these guys it’s their first full-season of pro ball so I think every once in a while people who come through
here can think they’re bigger than the game. Truth is, if it weren’t for the fans there wouldn’t be players, and if it weren’t for the players there wouldn’t be fans.” ■

The Legends open the 2008 season with the Asheville Tourists
at Asheville on Thursday April 3. The home opener is
Monday April 7, 2008 against Greeneville.

Season Opener: April 7
Backyard Baseball Barbeque at Cheapside from 11:30pm-1pm. At 5:30pm, Gates open at
Applebee’s Park, live music on the Plaza. At 6:15pm, Pregame Activities on-field begin and include a Blackhawk flyover, National Anthem performed by Mr. & Mrs. Everett McCorvey. 7:05pm is the first pitch. Fireworks immediately follow the conclusion
of the game.

This article appears on page 5 of the April 3, 2008 print edition of Ace Weekly.