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Mustache Audit Update (airport)

The Herald-Leader reported today that Bluegrass Airport Director, Michael Gobb, has been suspended with pay during an audit by KY Auditor Crit Luallen. The action was initiated by Vice Mayor Jim Gray at the December 2nd Council Work Session. (Click here to view the letters exchanged between Vice Mayor Gray and Mayor Newberry, at the onset of this development.) Meanwhile, outgoing Council Member Dick DeCamp was opposed to inviting Luallen, stating his discomfort (and barely containing his disdain) for the idea of an investigation prompted by “a newspaper article.”

(In December 2nd’s posting, we brought everyone up to speed on WATERGATE, just in case anyone remained unfamiliar with the role of NEWSPAPERS in provoking INVESTIGATIONS.) Outgoing Council Member (AND AIRPORT BOARD MEMBER) David Stevens asked that the vote be delayed/postponed.

But Vice Mayor Gray’s leadership prevailed and the audit and investigations continue.

Airport board member Stevens is quoted in today’s HL, saying of yesterday’s closed-door session, “We had a long discussion, and a lot of things were discussed.”

Seriously. We’re not making that up.