What’s a Billy Gotta Do?

What’s a Billy Gotta Do?

by Kevin Faris
I should begin this by saying that I am by nature partial to guys named “Billy” for two reasons. The first is that my dad’s official name, i.e. on his birth certificate, is “Billy” and also this song rocks.

Anyway, my dad, the original Billy, asked me an interesting question over the holidays. What do your friends think of Billy Gillispie? My answer was simple. Not quite sure. This is apparently a popular position. John Clay, at his excellent blog (not as excellent as this one, but that goes without saying) noticed the same thing.

Despite that fact that UK was 10-3 (now 11-3) after 13 games, as compared to last years 6-7 after 13 games, the fans, and the national media, are not sold. So, what does Billy G. have to do to completely win over the fanbase and convince the rest of the college basketball world that UK is deserving of being ranked? That’s easy. Win.

I know it sounds simple, but I will expand on this as the week goes on. In honor of the UK/UL game coming up this Sunday, and since UK has no other basketball games until then, I will bring you my opinion on where UK stands. I will also bring you the story of an emotional meltdown during the UK/UL game during the 04-05 season that will bring tears to your eyes. They may be tears of joy or sadness, but there will be tears.

Until then, enjoy the 30 point waxing of Central Michigan and the emergence of the next UK folk hero, Landon Slone.

And if you want to read a very funny blog by a benchwarmer from Ohio State, check out clubtrillion.blogspot.com/