December’s Over: CentrePointe footers?

December’s Over: CentrePointe footers?

Regular readers of the Ace twitter know we all stayed up ’til midnight on December 31, waiting to see those footers poured at CentrePointe (as was announced this past Fall, by Webb et al).

We were prepared for a midnight snack of crow, but there wasn’t a shovel in sight.

Tom Eblen also noted the flip of the calendar and asks in this morning’s Herald-Leader, so “where’s CentrePointe?” According to the Webbs’ attorney Darby Turner, “everything’s still on track.”

As David Schankula has pointed out repeatedly here, and Eblen echoes, projects like CentrePointe are drying up all over the country. (Read Schankula’s Marriott updates.)

Eblen writes, “the worst outcome for Lexington would be a half-built CentrePointe.” NO monstrosity is better than a half-built monstrosity.

Hell, plant some grass and let the farmers market have it back, while they figure out what to do with the hole in the ground.