Mustache Audit Update, Jan 7 (airport)

Mustache Audit Update, Jan 7 (airport)

The news happens so fast on this story, you’re just going to have to follow the Ace twitter ( ) for the occasional aside.

Highlights include:
The Urban County Council asked airport chair Bernard Lovely to step down yesterday. (Previous blogs and tweets here noted that a great deal of the investigated $200k were spent, or should have been spent, as Gobb charged, with “oversight.” It seemed fair to question the overseers.)

Lovely was scheduled to hand over his duties as chair at the January 13 airport board meeting.

State auditor Crit Luallen reports she has now had preliminary contact with appropriate law enforcement about airport spending, but doesn’t refer cases to law enforcement until audits are complete.

Mayor Newberry objected to the city “injecting themselves” into the day-to-day operations of the airport.

Vice Mayor Jim Gray put it best, “we’re not managing a shoe store here; we’re managing an airport.”

The Council’s resolution requires two official council readings for approval, the first is on tomorrow night’s docket. (They can “suspend the rules” if they want, giving it two readings in one night, as well.)