Beshear on CNN

Beshear on CNN

Governor Beshear tells CNN he expects two bucks out of every three in KY’s stimulus package will go to “maintaining” current efforts, with a buck allocated to “stimulus.”

Asked if that’s how the funds are supposed to be used, he said maintaining current jobs is as important as creating new ones. He identified “initiatives in the energy area” as a priority, along with “green collar jobs.”

Asked about the restrictions some Governors are opposing he responded, “I would say to my fellow Governors who don’t want this money, it’s ok. Please send it to me. I do need it and do know how to use it.”

A facebook question from “native Kentuckian Katie Templin” was posed for Beshear on-air: “Ask him what sector is the most needy of this money – education, budget shortfall, energy, infrastructure, health care etc? – and how this extra dough will actually improve conditions and not be squandered in pork projects.”

Beshear’s short answer was “survival” and “investment.”

TJ wrapped up with Katie Templin’s parting words: “Beshear promised Sunshine. Give it to us.”