Mayor’s stimulus update

Mayor’s stimulus update

Today Mayor Newberry reports stimulus funds for Lexington at $18 million and growing.

He says the city is already aware of approximately $18 million in funds it will receive through the American Recovery and Reinvestment plan, President Obama’s economic stimulus and job creation plan.

The $18 million includes approximately:

· $7 million for highway and other transportation projects;
· $5.4 million for mass transit projects;
· $2.9 million for housing;
· $1.4 million for public safety equipment grants;
· $700,000 for assistance for the homeless; an
· $550,000 for Community Development Block Grants.

In addition, Newberry announced the creation of a website for citizens who want to follow the commission’s activities:

Provide feedback via e-mail at or during public comment segments during commission meetings.