CentrePointe Intrigue: The Death of What?

CentrePointe Intrigue: The Death of What?

by David Schankula

Last week, Dudley Webb announced the bad news — the mystery financier behind that hole in the ground downtown is dead.

Bad news, indeed. All of it expressed at Webb’s request in a letter [PDF] from an L.A. lawyer who’d negotiated the phantom deal.

Mayor Jim Newberry didn’t exactly express condolences for the departed but instead issued a delicately worded assurance of normality. The mayor said he was “sorry to learn about the delay, but pleased that the developers and investors are still committed to the project.”

This seems like a good time to recap, reflect and look forward.

Over the next few days, I’ll address some Myths about this project, a few Facts, and perhaps a couple Questions.

Do feel free to chime in, comment, email me, or otherwise ponder the fragility of life.