Coach Cal on Twitter

Coach Cal on Twitter

The Online News Today: Coach Calipari is on Twitter (@UKCoachCalipari).

We watched him go from a couple dozen followers a couple hours ago to 1457 a few minutes ago.

He’s posted a few times, and affably reported he was “taken aback” to see 1500 followers in a matter of hours. (Twitter Style: Affable. Charming. Twitterverse Response thus far: Fawning. Sycophantic. And kinda sweet.)

The Point?
Ace hopes Coach Cal serves as a TwitterTransparency role model to other UK officials and the LFUCG, especially the Mayor.

We’ve been harping on this for months (and months, and months) — but now that @Oprah and @UKCoachCalipari are there, no one can really still plausibly respond, “What’s a Twitter?”

If your GRANDMA has a Twitter, why doesn’t your Mayor?