Hitting Stands Now, April 16 Money Talks at UK issue

Hitting Stands Now, April 16 Money Talks at UK issue

[Cover Art this week provided by Enzina Mastrippolito [reach her at photosbyz.com and keenelandhorsephotos.com]. Inside coverstory artwork this week provided by Alex Orlov, Photos by Alex.]

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In this week’s issue, you’ll read:
Heather Watson’s Cover Story: Money Talks What is UK Athletics’ fair share of UK’s budgetary freight? (Follow Heather at twitter.com/HeatherCW.) Page 7.

Guest Opinion: Rob Morris (prez of Lowell’s) suggests Optimism is Not a Biz Plan. (Follow Rob at twitter.com/RobMorris2.) Page 4.

Editorial: Has that Ex-Parrot shuffled off his mortal coil? (Follow Ace at twitter.com/AceWeekly.) Page 5.

What Lexington Needs: Eric Patrick Marr sits down with Randy Lynn of Starborn HealthCare Solutions to talk about what “shovel ready” really means. (Follow Eric at twitter.com/TransformLex.) Page 6.

Media: Kakie Urch’s overview of #amazonfail. (Follow Kakie at twitter.com/ProfKakie.) Pages 14 and 15.

ARTS: Dr. Nick Kouns talks about the kids being paired with the Artists for Side by Side at Cardinal Hill this week. Page 12.

ARTS: Bianca Spriggs is hosting an Affrilachian Poets Reading on Friday during National Poetry Month. (Follow Bianca at twitter.com/BiancaLynne.) Page 10.

FOOD: ChefDaveO hits opening day at Farmers Market. (Follow Dave at twitter.com/ChefDaveO.) Page 13.
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