Centrepointe Update From the Lexicon Project

Centrepointe Update From the Lexicon Project

[from the Lexicon Project]The Block Where Nothing Happened

Since we first crafted this idea two weeks ago some people have voiced their wish to not only write about why the torn down historic block is of consequence, but to tell Mayor Newberry what should become of the block that is now an eyesore in the heart of Lexington.

We fully support these wishes and think it’s a great idea.

Letters are due tonight at midnight — so tell the Mayor if the city should build a park, a building, or anything else your heart desires.

Send your letters to Newberry at mayor@lfucg.com and CC them to info@lexiconproject.com.

All of us

[A sampling of Letters is printed on page 4 of the March 26, April 2, and April 9 editions of Ace.]