Goat Roping? Somethin like that (36 listens)

Goat Roping? Somethin like that (36 listens)

A sampling of the CentrePointe response, aired at 6 on Friday on WTVQ36:

”It’s a big ugly hole”

”An eyesore”

“The Webb Brothers should fill in that hole and put grass on it and open up the sidewalks”

“What is this going to look like when we have the games here next year? I swear it makes me so furious so I hope you guys are liatening.”

“I think the Webb Brothers should be left alone. They will get this project underway. The Vice Mayor and Mayor should go on and run the city and leave these guys alone.”

“The empty lot downtown would be a very good place to have an outside circus, or a rodeo, goat-roping…something like that.”