Town Criers Shout Webb’s Letter to the Masses

Town Criers Shout Webb’s Letter to the Masses

by Keegan Frank, Staff FreedomFotographer

Thanks to new media, a cornerstone of old (old, old) media came back to downtown Lexington today. Two town criers, Brittny Congleton (left) and Alex Johns, were selected by ELandF Gallery from a group of people who submitted essays expressing interest in the position. ELandF also organized the event. A third crier, Elaine Parker, was selected but could not appear today. If I were a more paranoid individual, I’d find it awfully suspicious every time someone was prevented from attending an act of public dissent..

Bruce Burris, ELandF Gallery, is pictured here introducing the FreedomCriers to a small, gathering crowd.

Johns reading Webb’s letter on the steps at Third Street Stuff.  The wall behind her reads “Resist change and you’ll be here forever.” Strikingly appropriate.


During the reading, a sound not unlike every emergency vehicle in Lexington going code three was suddenly blaring a few blocks away. Was this another attempt to dissuade our heroines?

After the first read-through of Webb’s statement, the criers processed up Limestone to the CentrePointe Pit. On the way, we passed this specimen of Lexington’s distaste with the Webb Way.

Reading again in front of the CentrePit sign. (Not visible: fake security cameras on the signposts.)

Walking to our final destination: the public kiosk at East Main and Quality Streets.

One final declaration of inanity before the hanging. If you haven’t read this thing for yourself, it includes a never-ending list of all the Webb developments in Lexington. The size of their footprint is a little unnerving.


And just as quickly as they appeared, they were gone. Off, presumably, to spread freedom and good will to some other underappreciated demographic.

If you are interested in reading #theDud’s statement, click here