Lexington = London During the War?

Lexington = London During the War?

Last Tuesday, Mayor Newberry honored the veterans of World War II at the city council meeting, ahead of the anniversary of D-Day (June 6).

There were three veterans in attendance and to each of them, Mayor Newberry gave a certificate honoring their service. Two of the three took their certificates with a smile and a nod, but the other, Frank Cassidy, used the opportunity to address the City Council.

He had them in stitches. Perhaps the funniest moment in City Council History:

Later in the week, on Thursday, Dudley Webb addressed the city’s business leaders, outlining to them the many different but unfulfilled promises he has for funding the CentrePointe project.

At the end of his speech he resorted to what is surely his last resort (and perhaps is also the most likely outcome), stating that if all these phantom plans fail, he will spend $300,000 to plant grass in the empty lot that is now the heart of our Bluegrass.

He said he would do this “to shut these people up.”

Despite Dudley Webb’s past statements about our veterans, he was presumably not speaking to Mr. Cassidy’s concerns about the state of our downtown, but regardless of whom he was talking to, there’s still a big empty block and Deadbeat Dudley still owes $73,000 to the people who destroyed it.