Ace Weekly on WRFL

Ace Weekly on WRFL

WRFL was founded almost exactly one year before Ace was, and it’s always exciting to be invited into that studio.

Here is the podcast from Mick Jeffries’ Trivial Thursdays August 20 show with Ace Weekly.

You will hear (among other things) the theme from Shaft AND the theme from Valley of the Dolls (followed by the New York Dolls’ “Pills.”)

You’ll hear Jim Reeves (his birthday) doing “Mexican Joe,” and slightly-related, Steve Earle’s cover of Townes’ “Pancho and Lefty” (Steve Earle plays August 26 at the Opera House).

Somewhere, Lou Dobbs had a little stroke.

You’ll hear a lot about UK Coach Brooks’s birthday …and tomatoes… and groin pulls.

You’ll hear the Resurrected Bloated Floaters’ “Truck of Reality.”

There’s Hank Williams. There’s talk of Hank Williams. There’s Veruca Salt’s cover of “My Sharona.” There’s a lot of Les Paul.

And it all fits together seamlessly somehow in the context of Trivial Thursdays.

Thanks for listening!

(Here is the Link we referenced in the show from Paste Magazine’s 10 songs about Print Journalism.