Drink the Sand at LFUCG

Drink the Sand at LFUCG

Harck Pickett addressed Council Members tonight about the proposed big-box housing addition moratorium saying, “The first step to solving a problem is recognizing that you have one. We thank you for that piece of it.”

The moratorium went on to pass this evening with one no vote from CM Cheryl Feigel who said “I would like to support this. I do want to provide relief to the folks that live over there. But I do feel like we have slighted some folks by allowing them an opportunity to come speak a second time.” (She also opposed a second reading in one evening.)

Various property owners suggested that she declare her real estate and economic interest in the neighborhood debated, but it has not been raised in open session.

Moratorium passed.

One reader posted on Facebook, “What we need is for UK to take responsibility for parking and housing its students. The city has let them off the hook for far too long on both counts. Short-sightedness on both counts keeps prospective students away and degrades the attractiveness of Lexington and UK campus.”