Lexington on Today Show

Lexington on Today Show

Lexington on the Today Show
Lex ranks Number 6, “Best Places to Raise a Family”

This morning’s Today’s Family segment highlighted the 100 Best Places to Raise a Family, as ranked by Children’s Health Magazine, and Lexington came in Number 6.

Criteria cited: Health, Education, Employment, Safety Issues, Family Life.

Transcript follows:

Al Roker, “Number 6 Lexington, Kentucky, Capitol of the World…… of the Horse World…as it were.”

Children’s Health Magazine editor responded,

“It is, it’s also one of the educational capitols. You know Lexington is around the University of Kentucky, so it’s a very educated population. One of the things they’re most educated about is Nutrition. When it comes to Children’s Health issues that’s critical. They actually banned fryers, deep fryers, from school lunch programs in Lexington.”

Al Roker’s response was, “That’s pretty forward thinking.”

(The rankings are the source of spirited debate. Scroll through the entertaining reader comments; one of which reads “Are the authors on CRACK?? I am living in Jersey City and trust me it is not anywhere you want to bring your kids.”)