A Fan is Born: Welcome Harper Lee Faris

A Fan is Born: Welcome Harper Lee Faris

Congratulations to Ace sports writer Kevin Faris (responsible for such classics as Rich Brooks Thinks Your Car is Bull@&#*@ and the bacon explosion) and wife Amber Ashby Faris as they welcomed Harper Lee Faris, 6 lbs, 9 oz, at 1:21 this morning.

Big Blue Nation just expanded by one (as did the Centre College Class of …2032?)

Faris’s introduction to Ace came as a 2001 Ace Bluegrass Bachelor, where he told interviewer Rob Bricken that he would name his kids: “Sabrina or Guinevere for a girl, Alonzo Mason or Mason Alonzo (his grandfathers’ names).” 

One of his first Ace writing assignments was to interview subsequent Bluegrass Bachelors, and you can read his interviews with the Bluegrass Bachelor Class of 2002 here (a class which included Andy Barr, who revealed he went as George W. Bush for Halloween). 

In addition to contributing to Ace as a sportwriter these days, Faris is one of Fayette County’s most beloved high school teachers.  He also spends his nonexistent free time volunteering for local worthy causes, taking time to post this morning, “Baby Harper would like everyone to attend Theater of PossABILITIES,” Thursday, July 22 at Henry Clay. (Silent Auction at 6; show at 6:30.)