Hitting Stands Now: July 15 Compton Fellow issue

Hitting Stands Now: July 15 Compton Fellow issue

In this week’s Ace, get re-acquainted with Miranda Hileman, Lexington’s Compton Fellow.

In her journal of the last year in Lexington, she writes:

“Coming to Lexington was overwhelming, but I was warmly welcomed. I never lived in a city before and wanted to try it. Because of the high rate of population, urban agriculture seems like a great way to produce local, fresh goods without the high cost of transportation.”

On page 13, Chef Tom Yates makes a gazpacho run to the Lexington Farmers Market.

Page 12 looks forward and back at Nine Pound Hammer on the occasion of their 25th anniversary.

Kevin Faris reflects on LeBron on page 4, and Heather C. Watson remembers “The Day Melvin Turpin was Nice to Me” on page 14.

In between, you’ll find Movie Clock, Film Flam Picks Page, Astro, Classifieds, and more. Pick it up now. And, as always, if your favorite bar, restaurant, or shop doesn’t stock Ace Weekly, ask for it by name.