Jim Embry, delegate to Terra Madre

Jim Embry, delegate to Terra Madre

Jim Embry with Vandana Shiva. Terra Madre 2008

The Sunday, September 19 fundraiser listed in this week’s Ace for Jim Embry’s upcoming trip to Terra Madre has been canceled. But Slow Food supporters can still support the trip.

Jim Embry, voted best local activist in the 2010 Best of Lexington readers’ poll, has been selected again to represent Kentucky and the USA as a delegate to Terra Madre 2010, the International Slow Food Gathering, October 21 – October 25, Torino Italy.

He was also a delegate in 2008 and “returned very inspired, gave lots of presentations, photo exhibits and wrote articles about my trip to Italy, Terra Madre and the need for local food systems.”

He has invited Slow Food community members to support his upcoming trip via donations of frequent flyer miles; a fundraiser at home/business/or church (he volunteers to “attend, bring food, speak about Terra Madre, show a short video and encourage local foods systems”); speaking engagements pre and post-trip (he says “I gave about 12-15 presentations about my 2008 trip to Terra Madre and envision no less this time.”)

He invites community members to “be creative. Suggest other ways that you can contribute to this experience of bringing Terra Madre home to Lexington and Kentucky.”

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