Nice Girl Seeks Zombie Herders (Thriller Parade)

Nice Girl Seeks Zombie Herders (Thriller Parade)

Photo by Mick Jeffries, July 2009

“Each zombie must pick up their own parade key, and only one parade key will be given to each zombie.”

“Zombies are responsible for their own costuming… Zombies were once like you and me. Except they died. Some died quite a long time ago. Some died over night. We suggest you get CSI and reconstruct the crime scene…consider your character and why you are dead. What’s your story? What’s your motivation? What were the clothes you were buried in? How shallow was your grave?”

These are but a few of the things Mecca would like you to remember if you plan to participate in Lexington’s 9th Annual Thriller Parade, organized by Mecca Live Studio and Gallery, with LFUCG Parks and Rec.

Recommended donation per zombie $10.

This year, Mecca has also put out the call for Zombie…herders. Wranglers. 

Duties for the Zombie Patrol include, but are not limited to…

Assist Mecca staff with registrations, check-in, rehearsals, and other tasks.Assist production staff with prop construction, transportation, and implementation.
Implement creative input for Patrol Corps and production organization.
Mark the route for the performance.

Assist ease of movement for performance along the route.
Assist other areas of production; sound, staging area, parade line up, zombie check-in.

Strike performance areas.
Transport equipment back to its origin.
Celebratory cheer/beer in defeat of zombie masses.

Prospective Zombie Patrol recruits should come to the early planning meeting on September 23.

Zombie Rehearsals begin Monday, September 27 at 7 pm. Zombie Rehearsal Schedule is Mondays 6 pm to 7 pm; Thursdays 6 pm to 7 pm; and Saturdays 2 pm to 3 pm. Mecca is at 451 Chair Avenue. For info, email info – at –

The Thriller Parade is Saturday, October 30, downtown Lexington.