Disco Kroger: Etymology Updates

Disco Kroger: Etymology Updates

As Legend has it (meaning it might or might not be true), Kroger on Euclid was the first Kroger in Lexington to be open 24 hours, circa 1970s, making it an after-hours mecca for Cruising when bars like the Bungalow closed for the night. Hence: Disco Kroger. That’s the story, as told to Ace, circa 1980s.

Produce looked like Dresden this week

There were rumors that it would cut back its 24 hour status this past summer, but that was just during Renovations.

Its Salad Bar went missing last week, but a sign recently appeared saying it is scheduled to re-open circa December 18.

The ongoing remodeling fuels the rumors that it is destined to become a Fresh Fare Kroger, but in the spirit of full disclosure, Ace started that rumor (fingers crossed!)

Updates on Kroger Etymology since the original 2008 posts:

Kroger on Euclid: (as aforementioned) Disco Kroger

Kroger on Romany: aka Krandalls (for the former Randalls, managed by Walt Barbour) and kRolex (for the Rolex-wearing shoppers). It remains “boutique” size.

Chinoe Kroger: League Kroger.

Beaumont Kroger now known as DeathStar Kroger (for size, scope, ability to buy furniture and jewelry there).

Nicholasville Road Kroger: aka Wax Kroger (for the salon nearby where you can get a brow wax and then shop in peace with redface where no one knows you); also known as Dexter Kroger, for the guy there who looks like Showtime’s Dexter.

Richmond Road Kroger: was briefly known as Webb KrogRe (because it was always under construction, and nothing ever happened). Now that construction is complete, it has been named Growger by Mick Jeffries.

Tates Creek Kroger: no consensus. Nominations include “Last Ditch Kroger” and “Sidewalk Ends Kroger.”

Hartland Kroger: no consensus. Krogurbia has been nominated.

Kroger on Alexandria: is now Krogeria, in honor of the fantastic neighborhood taquerias that border it (even though Coach Cal was voted “best taqueria” by Ace readers, who voted him Best Everything, in the 2009 Best of Lex, the best taquerias in town are on Alexandria Drive… though it is true there aren’t many taquerias in Lexington that aren’t on Alexandria Drive).

Metalthorpe Kroger:  is Kroger in Meadowthorpe (because it is run by Matt Dacey, of Matt’s Metal Mortuary fame—and also “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”)

This is a democratic process and nominations are welcome.


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