Randall Cobb: Everybody’s All American Model

Randall Cobb: Everybody’s All American Model

Who are This Year’s Models in Lexington? Model Citizens? Visionaries? Innovators? Big Thinkers who are also long on Action? Every year,  Ace celebrates “This Year’s Models” with a special year-end Annual Edition (on stands now). All year long, the readers nominate Lexingtonians who have made a difference in making Lexington a better place to live.

This year’s class includes an artist bent on revitalization, an athlete, a couple very different bloggers, hip-hop moguls, and a bike-ridin’ cowboy.

[photo courtesy UK Athletics]
Randall Cobb: Model All American 

A finalist for the Paul Hornung Award, Randall Cobb was greeted by chants of “One More Year” by UK Fans at a recent UK basketball game. He tweeted in response to his 13,500 followers, “Yall make the decision so much harder,” and tagged it #bbn for Big Blue Nation. From his twitter, we know he likes hot chocolate, Home Alone, and pizza. On a team troubled by DUIs and arrests, his biggest “scandal” was publicly venting a little frustration with a few fair-weather fans after UK’s win over the Gamecocks. It was an uncharacteristic outburst from a good-natured natural born team leader who talks almost as much about food as he does about football.

Jordan Conn wrote for SportsIllustrated.com “There’s Cobb returning the kickoff. Then Cobb catching a pass. Cobb making plays any way his coaches can imagine — throwing, running, catching or returning, darting and shape-shifting his way downfield. And once he’s propelled his team to the end zone, Cobb never trots immediately to the sideline. He still has to hold the extra point. Whether he has the ball in his hands or not, Cobb has been willing to take on whatever responsibilities coaches will give him. And even in his least glamorous role, Cobb has turned a few heads…For someone whose play defies typical categorization, Cobb seems to have found at least one position where he’s an established all-American.”

On the field and off, he’s the best thing to happen to UK football in a while.

Just don’t get him started on Red Lobster.

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