Bad Weather = Bad A$$. Run the Bluegrass.

Bad Weather = Bad A$$. Run the Bluegrass.

Run the Bluegrass, Post 2 (of a series) 


I talked before about the transition I went through from being a guy who runs into a runner. I think nothing separates these two groups more than running in bad weather. If you’re a guy who runs (or a girl), then you like to run because it’s nice out and a good day outside is a great way to exercise or change your gym routine. If you’re a runner, you look outside at the rain, snow, or freezing temps and feel a little sadistic thrill that you’re going out for a run.

I have to admit, running in bad weather makes me feel like a bad ass (Pardon my Coach Cal language). This morning, before I went out for my long run (7 miles) for the week I put on 14 pieces of clothing (2 socks, 2 shoes, 2 gloves, underwear, tights, pants, base layer, jacket, fleece, face cover [which I took off about half way through], cold gear hat). It takes more than a few minutes to get everything layered on, and it is extremely important that I go to the bathroom first, but it gets the job done. Plus, wearing tight clothes always makes me feel a little like a superhero.

The real bad ass feeling comes not when I’m admiring my legs in the running tights (ummmm….forget that last remark), but when someone drives by or is outside shoveling snow. I like to think they look at me and go “Wow! What a badass running in 20 degree weather!”, even though it is more likely they are just thinking “Wow! What an idiot!” Regardless, I love the feeling of knowing I’m going to run be it rain, sleet, or shine. I would much rather run outside in crappy weather then an extended run on a treadmill. So if you’re thinking about staying on the couch or running multiple laps around an indoor track, trust me when I say that the great feeling you receive from conquering the elements will last a lot longer than the cold you feel during the run.

As far as bad weather running advice during the winter, the biggest danger is ice. Cold and snow can be annoying, but ice can be dangerous. If you live close enough, I would recommend doing your run around UK’s campus. They do an amazing job of clearing off the sidewalks, which lessens the chance you slip and fall. I prefer to go layers with some Under Armour type base layers over a bulky coat, but the main goal is staying warm.

If you want to hear some rambling about the NFL playoffs this afternoon, follow me on Twitter at @KevinWFaris, you can follow the race at @RunTheBluegrass and register at the website 70 days to go! Early registration is $50 before January 31st.

Kevin Faris is an Ace contributing sports writer, and Ace’s Official Run the Bluegrass Blogger.
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