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Hitting Stands Now: All About Steve (Earle) issue

Pick up this week’s issue for an interview with Steve Earle, who’ll be live with the Dukes at the Lexington Opera House July 26, touring in support of both a new CD and a new novel (click at left to purchase).

Page 4 includes the proposed expansion at the Disco Kroger;  and there’s more from Raj Ranade on the end of the Harry Potter series; tomato season from Chef Tom on the food page; Gigs; Picks; Movie Clock; Astrology; and some terrific brand new Lexington listings on the real estate page.

Grab the August 4 issue for details on our August sneak peek movie, and to complete your 2011 annual Ace Best of Lexington ballot. Ballots are limited to one per reader, and each ballot is entered for a drawing to win an iPad (courtesy JDI Technology) at the September 16 Best of Lexington celebration during Gallery Hop. (Must be present to win.) 


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