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Spalding’s Donuts on Serious Eats


Serious Eats Sweets has some nice things to say about Lexington’s Spalding’s Donuts today. (Note that their URL reads Lexington KY crunchy lard fried donuts from Spalding’s — though the report discloses that they are currently fried in soybean oil…which practically makes them a health food.)

Table 310 pastry girl and Brave Tart blogger Stella Parks ferried a batch to Serious Eats HQ in NYC, prompting this rave,

“if you really are the serious Serious Eater you claim to be, you’ll book yourself on the next flight to Kentucky, because I can tell you: what you tasted is nothing compared to how great they are direct from the source.

This will not, of course, come as news to Ace Readers, as Spalding’s is the reigning champion of  Ace Donut Wars 2009, the sequel to Ace’s searing donut coverstory investigation in December of 2000.

Our quest for the Hole-Y Grail never ends.

Photos by Keegan Frank.


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