Fark.com’s Drew Curtis Makes Gizmodo’s “Top 25 Most Viral” List

Fark.com’s Drew Curtis Makes Gizmodo’s “Top 25 Most Viral” List

Look at the photo collage. Find @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher). Look, as we say “catty-corner” (one up and to the left).

Yep, that’s Kentucky’s own Drew Curtis, just a little to the right and down from Matt Drudge.  Lexington’s fark.com CEO has been named to the “Top 25 Most Viral People On The Internet” list by the technology site Gizmodo. And that’s not to say he is in any way sick. Except for the sick way that he aggregates and distributes readers’ takes on news and headlines on his website, fark.com

Around Lexington, Curtis is the mild-mannered editorial presence of the site that makes sure that we, and millions of others, know the very latest and strangest local news from everywhere, and have the  opportunity to wryly comment on it, or say, Photoshop it.

Often featured in Ace  — including a 2002 coverstory, “Who’s Drew?”, and  a coverstory on Fark’s 10th anniversary, Curtis can sometimes quietly hold court at his favorite downtown pub, kick a soccer ball, be a dad.

On the streets of San Francisco and Silicon Valley, he’s recognized like Ms. Lohan on a topless bender: “Hey, it’s Drew Curtis!”

That’s because of the “Magic Touch” he and his site have on the Internet, reaching millions of people a day with sheer interesting, innovation that may or may not negatively affect worldwide corporate productivity.

Another Kentucky Proud export.


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