Lexington’s Wild Fig Bookstore Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Lexington’s Wild Fig Bookstore Celebrates One Year Anniversary

This weekend, Crystal Wilkinson and Ronald Davis celebrate the one year anniversary of opening The Wild Fig bookstore in Lexington’s Meadowthorpe neighborhood, just west of downtown on Leestown Road.

Friends and family characterized the two as “brave” when they purchased the inventory from the defunct Morgan Adams, where Davis had worked part time for many years, supplementing his income as an artist. She says “so many people have thanked us for opening, for keeping a bookstore at this location.”

An award-winning Kentucky author, she says they don’t see themselves especially courageous, writing shortly after they opened  on June 20, 2011, “Of course we’ve all heard to the stories about the large book chains closing and I have mourned the closing of every single independent across the country, many of which I visited last time I was on a book tour. But brave? I’ve never thought of myself in those exact terms. Unrestrained, maybe? Careless? No. Mostly it’s simply that I don’t believe the hype. A day and a time when ink and paper books don’t exist. Pshaw!”

So far, so good!


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