Ed McClanahan Kickstarter Update: Write Home, Send Money. Deadline July 17

Ed McClanahan Kickstarter Update: Write Home, Send Money. Deadline July 17



First, now that I’ve got your attention, I need to thank all those  handsome men and beautiful women who have already generously  contributed to our

Ed McClanahan at home, Ace photo

McClanamania Kickstarter project, and to assure  them that we’re not trying to put the screws to them again (although I  will point out that it’s perfectly legit to contribute more than once,  should anyone be so unnaturally inclined). But we do want to encourage  our contributors—and everybody else, of course—to continue to pay  attention to our progress as we head for the wire, at which we will  arrive, come what may, on Tuesday July 17th at precisely 3:13pm.

Meanwhile, is anybody out there old enough to remember S&H Green  Stamps? You accumulated them by buying merchandise in certain stores,  pasted them in little books until you had a shopping bag or two full  of little books, and then hauled them down to a place called, cross my  heart, a Redemption Center, where you “redeemed” your stamps for a  toaster or a waffle iron or a vacuum cleaner.

So here’s a piece of news that I hope will hearten those who have  contributed to McClanamania! and encourage those who are still  deliberating to get off the dime: If  we meet our goal—that’s ten grand  by July 17—we’re planning to have, at a later date still to be  determined, a gala Redemption & Fulfillment Party for all our  contributors at Johnny Lackey’s wonderful new studio on N. Limestone  in Lexington, whereat we’ll distribute the swag to them as has paid  for it, and scorn them as hasn’t. (If you contributed but can’t be  there, we will of course get your reward to you by other means.)

a gift from Ken Kesey, and they could be yours….

I’ll  be on hand to sign and personalize your acquisitions and to do a short  reading, and there will be music and plenty of cheap wine and rat  cheese and, as door prizes, 5 rare mint-condition hardback signed first-edition copies of A

Congress of Wonders, the Movie. Click to read: Ace archives, 1994

Congress of Wonders. A good time will be had  by all, and if you haven’t contributed yet, you owe it to yourself to  do so at the soonest opportunity. [Click here to read Ace’s 1996 interview with Ed when the book came out.]

Our Kickstarter campaign is coming along really well; as of this  writing, we’re closing in on the $8000 mark. Our success so far is very exciting, of course, but that leaves $2000 still to go, and only  7 days to get there. So please keep following our progress and  cheering us on (that seems to help somehow, it really does), and  please keep reminding your friends to get in on the action. Tell ‘em  about the Redemption & Fulfillment Party! Tell ‘em their invitation to  it is only a mouse-click away!

Click here for the link!

Pictured at left, famous Author Models the Ken Kesey boots in an Ace 1990s ad. The Boots are Deal #16 for a high cotton pledge of $2750 or more to McClanahan’s Kickstarter Project.

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