Fark redesign today? Or maybe not. Mashable pings Lexington’s Drew Curtis

Fark redesign today? Or maybe not. Mashable pings Lexington’s Drew Curtis

Fark.com CEO Drew Curtis
Drew Curtis


Fark.com CEO Drew Curtis has been hinting at a change on the “wacky news” aggregation site based in Lexington that gets 60 million PV and 3 million uniques a month.

We were all invited on Twitter to go down to the Fark office annex (Chase Taproom on N. Broadway) for a drink and a mass server move in the middle of the night. Not sure how many Silicon Valley types flew in for the fun, but those of us who could just walk down the street and heft CPU know that Curtis’s tab at Chase slates around $440.

Today, Curtis is hinting on Twitter at redesign that may (or may not) be unveiled today and Mashable.com, the leading social media business site in the world, has posted a piece about the possibility, drawing connections or non-connections with Digg’s recent sale for a reported $500,000 (down from $200mm) after a disastrously unpopular redesign.

Has Craiglist done a redesign? Has Wikipedia? Not really. They both just work, and are running design from the era (late ’90s) of Fark’s inception as the place to go to read, disseminate and comment on the real news that is always stranger than fiction. (Naked, Meth, Grandma, ATM, Ocelot are some common keywords).

Curtis’s response? Post the Mashable piece on his Facebook and evil laugh “Bahhahaha…” from behind the curtain.

We shall see on the redesign, we shall see. And if it’s disastrous, it may be time for us to buy Curtis a round at the Chase Taproom for a change.

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