Ace Goes to the Woodland Art Fair 2012

Ace Goes to the Woodland Art Fair 2012


Lexington’s 2012 Woodland Art Fair dawned to some of the prettiest weather the Fair has enjoyed in decades.

Artist Rod Lindauer manned his own booth, despite his recent encounter with a table saw. His thumb was “lacerated to the bone and the index finger severed through the bone at the first joint from the tip.”  Stopping by his booth for a chat and check in, he says the injury was shocking — he was completely focused on the piece at hand when it happened (“not wool gathering”) and he’d gone most of his art career without much more than a scratch, despite the proximity to power tools his work requires.

Artist Rod Lindauer’s left hand is recovering from an encounter with a bandsaw. Artist Bill Glasscock showed off the cells from his current Kickstarter animation project.

Lindauer is at  Booth 69, near the softball field. Look for the bourbon barrel chairs, bourbon barrel side tables, a large scale fountain, and extraordinary stainless steel bench. As he reminds customers, “these fingers aren’t gonna replace themselves!”

Lexington artist Bill Glasscock was also on hand (though not at a booth), showing off a few of the cells from his current animation project on Kickstarter, Just Another Planet With Trees, before departing the Fair for a family reunion.

The Fair is big this year.

Plan about two hours to circle through, but we’ve identified a few more highlights (in addition to Lindauer). Kent Ambler’s Woodcuts are at Booth 7.  For 2D mixed media, check out Mark Traughber right next door at Booth 8. For pet-loving pop art fun, stop by Yvonne Miller’s whimsical Booth 144.


Booth 7. Another Ace Pick.

Woodland Art Fair 2012 continues Sunday August 19.

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