Anthony Davis Eyebrows….and other questions for

Anthony Davis Eyebrows….and other questions for

Good Googly Moogly!

If you’ve ever wondered how and why people end up at when they weren’t necessarily searching for “Lexington’s weekly newspaper” or “best of Lexington,” so have we.

In all honesty, “Anthony Davis Eyebrows” and various permutations (“Anthony Davis one brow,” etc)  has been a top search term at since long before the Final Four, dating back to Tread’s February cover story on the guy. A couple years ago, everybody showed up for “Free Enes,” because we had posted a photo of Enes Kanter at Tolly Ho. But “Anthony Davis eyebrows” enjoyed a special resurgence this week when Tread wrote, “Olympic Browess: Why Anthony Davis is the one true Olympian on the USA Basketball team.”

In unrelated sports news, when the press was told UK football players wouldn’t be tweeting during training camp  (there’s “no time”), an unsurprising number of readers landed on this story, about Randall Cobb’s infamous angry post-game Twitter last season, with screengrabs of the tweets before they were removed.

But mostly, Ace readers clearly take to google with their questions, expecting Ace to answer them. So, we thought once a week or so, we could curate and aggregate a few here.

Did you want to know:
When is National IPA Day? When is National Bourbon Day? When is National Donut Day? When is National Fried Chicken Day?  All have been answered here at, where we know our bourbon and fried chicken and donuts and IPAs.

On a slightly more highbrow plane (pardon the expression):  “Where is Hedley Mason museum?” Do they mean the the Headley Whitney? They might (4435 Old Frankfort Pike). But probably they arrived here because we wrote about a Shirley Ardell Mason exhibit at the Headley Whitney last year, The Hidden Art of Sybil and Her Other Selves:  Shirley A. Mason. Mason was better known as “Sybil.” She gained notoriety following the publication of Flora Schreiber’s book, that outed her as her famous multiple personality disorder patient  from the book and the movie (Sally Field). Mason fled fame and settled quietly in Lexington as an artist until her death in 1998. (Ace’s 2001 coverstory here.

Someone also arrived here asking, “How to find tickets to 2012 Vice Presidential Debate at Centre College?” Glad you asked.

“Kevin Faris + Ace Magazine?” probably came from our sports writer Kevin Faris’s twitter throwdown with Herald-Leader sports writer John Clay this week about Mitch Barnhart’s vacation. (It wasn’t really a throwdown, more like a friendly agreement to disagree.)

“Layton Register?” They were probably looking for his 1991 submission to “What Lexington Needs.” (He suggested “more bicycle paths.”)

“What is Summerfest’s rain policy?” was unfortunately all too popular this summer (answered here).

Sadly, we found out that Bill Doss (The Olivia Tremor Control, The Apples in Stereo), longtime collaborator with Lexington’s Robert Schneider of the Apples in Stereo, had died at the age of 43, when readers began searching for “last interview, Olivia Tremor Control.” Ace’s Raj Ranade had an opportunity to interview Doss at Pitchfork last month, and reported that “Bill spoke with great enthusiasm about his plans for the future.” His death is a tremendous loss.

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