Ace Picks: Lexington Calendar for Sep 27 thru Oct 4, 2012

Ace Picks: Lexington Calendar for Sep 27 thru Oct 4, 2012


Another busy weekend for Lexington, Kentucky’s beautiful bluegrass region. How’s this for diversity: Scarefest, Andrew Bird, Leon Redbone, the Bourbon Chase, and Itzhak Perlman are all coming to town this weekend. We’ll have coverage and photos of all of the above all weekend long. And if you plan judiciously and consult the calendar regularly, you too should be able to make a substantial dent in Lexington’s cultural landscape this weekend.

You can click here to check out Brian Gardner’s review of Trouble with the Curve before you plan a movie outing, and here to browse a few of Rideout Photography’s portraits from our Gallery Hop last Friday at West Sixth Brewing.


Thursday Night Live this week is one of our favorite local bands, Coralee and the Townies.


Tavis Smiley will speak at the Poverty Forum at the Lexington Convention Center, at the annual fundraiser for the Community Action Council.

Fourth Friday at the Lexington Art League gets going at 6 pm and will feature “The 200” art exhibit.

Girl Girl Scene crew photo by Bill Spangler. Clockwise from top left: director Brian Cunningham; Tucky Williams; Lauren Virginia Albert; Nic Brown; Abisha Uhl.

Scarefest kicks off Friday at the Lexington Convention Center — Clive Barker has canceled his appearance due to illness, but cast members from Lexington’s very own Girl Girl Scene will be on hand to sign autographs and whatnot (“it’s like Sex and the City…with lesbians…”). And speaking of Zombies (Scarefest will also include a Walking Dead cast member or two), Mecca has already kicked off rehearsals for the 2012 Thriller Parade — and the entire schedule is posted here.


Traffic reminders before you plan anything in Lexington on Saturday: what time is the UK game? Kickoff at Commonwealth is 7 pm, UK vs Gamecocks.

Now, let’s get to the rest.

Andrew Bird (photo Cameron Wittig)

The Finish Line of this year’s Bourbon Chase 2012: Madness in the Moonlight is at Lexington’s Triangle Park.

Just a few blocks north, Transy will be hosting Studio 300: Digital Art and Music Festival.

Andrew Bird was a standout at Louisville’s Forecastle Festival this summer, but Saturday night he’ll be right down the street at UK’s Singletary Center. Bird’s new CD, Hands of Glory, will be out October 30. It features a pair of new original songs by Bird, a reworked track from BIY and covers of songs by Townes Van Zandt, the Handsome Family, Alpha Consumer.

AND, if you’re looking for the perfect bucolic fall day trip, we have all of Central Kentucky’s fall festivals on the calendar — this weekend’s Pick is the 42nd Annual Morgan County Sorghum Festival in West Liberty, Kentucky — proudly recovering from the tornado ravages with the annual crowning of the Sorghum Queen, a mule-drawn cane mill, live music, and a parade.


Last weekend was Oktoberfest at Christ the King, this weekend it’s time to try another Church and another culture with the Heritage Festival at St. Andrew’s.

UK’s Singletary Center is getting a workout this weekend. Violin Virtuoso Itzhak Perlman returns to the bluegrass Sunday September 30. His last Lexington performance was a once-in-a-lifetime evening.

For a slightly different take on the Fiddle, a tall, lonesome bluegrass band we just love, Reel World String Band, is playing Sunday evening at Equus Run. (Want to see if they’re your cup of tea? Click here for a little snippet of video we shot of them June 2012.)


October already? Halloween is closer than you think, better get to Zombie Rehearsal at Buster’s for Thriller 2012.


Kentucky Conservatory Theatre and Just Fund Kentucky present a staged theatrical reading of ’8,’ a documentary play about marriage equality. Clooney and Pitt have participated in some of the stagings, but Lexington’s performance will have some star wattage and surprise guests too.


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Lexington, Kentucky Music Listings

Scott Said and Backroads 9.30 pm, Austin City Saloon
Big Maracas | Yellow Dog Jazz Band | Big Swells 9 pm, Al’s Bar
Coralee and the Townies 5 pm, Thursday Night Live, Cheapside Park
Arpetrio 10 pm, Cosmic Charlie’s
Cadillac Church 8 pm, Henry Clay’s Public House
Lipbone Redding 8 pm, Natasha’s
Superfecta 8.30 pm, Parlay Social
Ronn Crowder 7 pm, The Secret Bar and Grill
Barefoot Renegades 10 pm, Tin Roof
The Kentucky Hoss Cats 8 pm, Willie’s Locally Known

Scott Said and Backroads 10 pm, Austin City Saloon
Samantha Carlson 9.30, Bigg Blue Martini
Machines Are People Too 9 pm, Buster’s
Churchill Jax 10 pm, Cheapside Bar
Hayner & Smiley 10.30 pm, Cocktails Bar and Grill
Same As It Ever Was 10 pm, Cosmic Charlie’s
The Phantom Six | J. Marinelli | The Fanged Robot 10 pm, Green Lantern
Jon Curtis and Lauren Wilson 9 pm, Henry Clay’s Public House
The Rudies 10 pm, Lynagh’s
Legna Tocado & Yoisel Concepcion 9 pm, Natasha’s
Better Off Dead 9.30 pm, Parlay Social
The Rooster’s Crow 10 pm, Squires Tavern
Flashback 9 pm, The Secret Bar and Grill
Jacob Reynolds Band 10 pm, Tin Roof
Yellow Dog Jazz Band | Rebel Without a Cause 8 pm, Willie’s Locally Known

Scott Said and Backroads 10 pm, Austin City Saloon
Turbo Fruits | Best Friend Band | CROSS 10 pm, Al’s Bar
Drunk & Sailor 9 pm, The Attic
Lost Sunday 9.30, Bigg Blue Martini
Churchill Jax 10 pm, Cheapside Bar
Chris Campbell 9 pm, Henry Clay’s Public House
Kent Goolsby 10 pm, Lynagh’s
Leon Redbone 8 pm, Natasha’s
Andrew Bird 7.30 pm, Singletary Center
Flashback 9 pm, The Secret Bar and Grill
Jacob Reynolds Band 10 pm, Tin Roof
The Abrams Brothers | Ann Frances Backer 8 pm, Willie’s Locally Known

Two Man Gentlemen Band | Drunk & Sailor 9 pm, Al’s Bar
David Liebe Hart 10 pm, Cosmic Charlie’s
Reel World String Band 2 pm, Equus Run Vineyards
Cutthroat Shamrock 8 pm, Green Lantern
Yellow Dogs 8 pm, Henry Clay’s Public House
The Whiskey of the Damned 7.30 pm, Natasha’s Bistro
Itzhak Perlman 7 pm, Singletary Center

Arrested Development 10 pm, Cosmic Charlie’s
Della Mae | Pearl and the Beard 6.45 pm, Woodsongs Radio, Kentucky Theatre
All This And More 9 pm, Natasha’s

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus 10 pm, Cosmic Charlie’s
Brandon Coleman’s Hard Quartet 9 pm, Natasha’s

Alan Thompson 7 pm, Red Barn Radio, ArtsPlace
Dopapod 10 pm, Cosmic Charlie’s
Marvin and the Cloud Wall | Rebecca Marie Miller | Ancient Warfare 10 pm, Green Lantern


Relic Delic | Sun Street 9 pm, Al’s Bar
Chris Campbell Band 5 pm, Thursday Night Live, Cheapside Park
Langhorne Slim and the Law 10 pm ,Cosmic Charlie’s
Crazy Janie 8 pm, Henry Clay’s Public House
Storefront Congregation 9 pm, Natasha’s
Jacob Reynolds Band 10 pm, Tin Roof

Al`s Bar 601 Limestone St 859.252.9104
ArtsPlace 161 N. Mill Street
The Attic Bar 2628 Richmond Rd. 859.268.0332
Atomic Café 265 Limestone St. 859-254-1969
Austin City Saloon 2350 Woodhill Drive 859.266.6891
Bar Lexington: 373 East Main St. 859-523-7694
Bigg Blue Martini 369 W. Vine St. 859.231.9000
Black Box Theater 141 E. Main St. 859.225.0370
Bogart`s at Crowne Plaza 1375 S. Broadway 859.255.4281
Buster`s Billiards & Backroom 899 Manchester St. 859.368.8871
Campus Pub 393 Waller Ave 859.231.0957
The Cellar 3256 Lansdowne Drive 859.317.8301
Cheapside 131 Cheapside 859.254.0046
Chevy Chase Inn 833 East Euclid Ave. 859.266.9422
Common Grounds 343 E. High St. 859.233.9761
Coffee Times Coffee House: 2571 Regency Rd.

Cosmic Charlie`s 388 Woodland Ave. 859.309.9499
Giuseppe`s: 4456 Nicholasville Rd. 859-272-4269
Grapevine 4101 Tates Creek Rd. 859.273.7788
Green Lantern 497 W. Third St. 859.252.9539
Henry Clay’s Public House 112 N. Upper Street
Horse and Barrel at DeSha`s 101 N. Broadway 859.259.3771
The Julep Cup 111 Woodland Ave 859-226-0300
Kentucky Theatre 214 East Main Street 859.231.6997

Land of Tomorrow 527 E. Third Street
Lynagh`s Irish Pub 384 Woodland Ave. 859.255.1292
Malibu Pub and Grill 239 Surfside Dr. 859.278.9003
Natasha`s 112 Esplanade 859.259.2754
O`Neill`s Irish Pub 2051 Richmond Rd. 859.266.4488
Parlay Social 257 W. Short Street
The Secret Bar and Grill 841 Lane Allen Road

Shamrocks Bar and Grill154 N. Patchen Dr. 859.269.7621
ShowMe’s Restaurant: 1973 Bryant Rd. – 859-317-8625
Southside Pub 3650 Boston Rd. 859.223.4775
Squires Tavern 3429 Buckhorn Dr. 859.317.8887
Tee Dee’s Club 266 E Second St 859.335.8440
Tin Roof 303 S. Limestone St. 859.317.9111
Two Keys Tavern 333 S. Limestone St. 859.254.5000
Vue 201 E. Main Street, 15th Floor
Willie’s Locally Known 805 N. Broadway