The Second Shot Pop Up Gallery, during Gallery Hop

The Second Shot Pop Up Gallery, during Gallery Hop

This article appears on page 4 of the September 13, 2012 print edition of Ace Weekly

The Second Shot Pop Up Gallery: Cameras for a Cause

during Gallery Hop, at West Sixth


When local blogger, Ann Bransom, started a campaign in June to raise money for two charities using crowdfunding site IndieGoGo she didn’t expect to raise any money. At the time, she was simply making a satirical statement on a lawsuit that was in tech news. To her surprise, the campaign raised $2,500, more than twice her goal.

So when friend and local artist Alan Rideout approached Bransom for help getting his photography business back on its feet, IndieGoGo was the first thought that she had.

“Alan really just wanted some advice on revamping his website and search engine presence,” says Bransom. “But being friends with him and his wife, I knew that he needed much more help than that.”

About a year ago, Alan and Kristina Rideout woke up to every artist’s worst nightmare. All of their photography equipment had been stolen out of their vehicle parked in their driveway the night before. This theft crippled their business and left the Rideouts emotionally and financially scarred.

“Alan and Kristina are not the kind of people who would ever ask for help,” says Bransom. “But I’m not the kind of person who takes ‘no’ for an answer when it comes to helping my friends, especially people who really deserve it like the Rideouts.”

Bransom has spearheaded an IndieGoGo campaign entitled “Second Shot – Cameras for a Cause” that hopes to raise $5,000 to replace the Rideouts’ stolen photography equipment. The Rideouts have insisted that five percent of all funds raised go to the University of  Kentucky Photography Department from which they both graduated.

“We believe that supporting a local artist is the same as supporting a local business,” says Rideout. “We are a product of the Lexington art community and have been lucky enough to be embraced by other local artists like Arturo Sandoval and Ruth Adams. They have helped guide and inspire us, which is a big part of why we’ll be giving part of our funds back to the UK Photo Art Department.”

To date the campaign has raised just shy of $1,000, almost 20 percent  of the goal. Bransom is hoping that the pop-up gallery event will be successful and give the campaign the final push it needs to succeed. If the goal is met, it will mean a second chance for this couple and their local photography business.

“This campaign really would mean giving us a second chance at our dream,” says Rideout. “It means we can get these ideas of beauty out of our heads and share them with the world. It means we can spend more time raising our kids. It means proving to our kids and ourselves in the process all of the hardship and struggle, the late nights and early mornings, the times when we forgot to pack lunch or sign the homework because we were up all night editing photos all were worth it in the end. To prove that if you really believe in something and give it everything you have, you can succeed. And that above everything is priceless.”

The event promises to be one of the most attended stops on the opening night of fall gallery hop.

West Sixth Brewing will be the site of the event, and attendees can enjoy food truck tacos and delicious, local craft beer. (Cricket Press is also hosting a poster show next door on site.) Rideout Photography will be taking portraits of every donor who attends the event.

“We hope for people to expect the unexpected. What we have planned is a mix between studio fashion photography and biographical portraiture,” explains Rideout. “These photos will be stylish, while also telling a story about each individual. We want everyone who attends to leave with a picture they are excited to show off to their friends. Expect to see lots of people changing their profile pictures after this event!”

Donations will be accepted the night of the event, but Bransom encourages as many as people as possible to donate to the campaign online prior to the pop-up gallery event. Donors may be eligible for more perks online depending on amount, and online donations will help the IndieGoGo campaign reach its goal, which lowers processing fees.

“Rideout Photography will get any money raised on IndieGoGo, regardless of whether or not we meet our $5,000 goal,” Bransom explains. “However, once the goal is met, the fees go down five percent. We want as much of the money raised to end up in the hands of the Rideouts and UK’s Photography Department as possible. Plus you can get framed art and limited edition prints and other awesome stuff by donating online.”

The Second Shot: Cameras for a Cause, Pop Up Gallery and Live Art Event will be held at West Sixth Brewing September 21, 2012 from 6-8pm. Food truck tacos and craft beer will be available. This will be the first night of Lexington‘s fall gallery hop and is a convenient stop from the Colt Trolley route. Everyone who donates will be have their portrait shot by Rideout Photography and may be eligible for other perks depending on the amount donated. Additionally, the Rideouts will be shooting a live photography event onsite you won’t want to miss. For more information on donating, visit To RSVP to the gallery event, visit