Cheers from the Governor’s Bourbon Reception: Welcoming the VP Debate to Centre,...

Cheers from the Governor’s Bourbon Reception: Welcoming the VP Debate to Centre, and to Kentucky



Cheers from the Governor’s Bourbon Reception:
Welcoming the VP Debate to Centre,
and to Kentucky

Kentucky Distillers Association, Eric Gregory, welcomed journalists from all of the world to the Norton Center on the Eve of the Centre Vice Presidential Debate 2010: the Thrill in the Ville II. “I always knew the way to a reporter’s hearts is through their livers,” he laughed.

Governor Steve Beshear welcomes guests to bourbon reception on the Eve of the Vice Presidential Debate at Centre.


Beshear told the enthusiastic crowd “95 percent of the world’s bourbon is made in Kentucky…and the rest is counterfeit.”

Surrounded by all that lovely bourbon, it seemed an Ace Drinking Game, and a special Ace Cocktail just might set a tone of civility and enlightened discourse.


The Game
by Raj Ranade

THE RULES OF THE Ace Readers’ Thrill in the Ville Drinking Game

(first, stay home; no driving; and you must be over 21)

So, Ace readers! Want to join in on the debate fun at home while we’re out in Danville? Here are the rules for the official Ace Weekly drinking game:

Chug your drink until your profound disillusionment with the American political process and your statistically meaningless place within it goes away!

Ha ha, just kidding! You’ll need to save some of that liver function for the next two debates, you crazy kids! The recommended drink of choice for this game is, of course, a craft beer from West 6th Brewery or a Bourbon Barrel Ale, but if you’re feeling particularly;self-destructive, try one of these cocktails!

The Paul Ryan
– 4 parts cream soda
– 1 part Goldschlager
– Shake the Goldschlager vigorously before adding it to the cream soda. Try to finish the drink before all the gold flakes can trickle down to the bottom!

The Joe Biden
– Fruit punch
– Grain alcohol
– Adjust the ratio between the two until you’ve well and truly obliterated your brain-to-mouth filter.

Sip every time:
– One of the following is mentioned:
– The word “percent”, in any context
– The middle class
– The Ryan plan
– Medicare
– Tax cut
– Simpson-Bowles
– A candidate’s family member (take an extra sip if a candidate mentions a family member of his opponent)
– A candidate ignores/interrupts the moderator>
– A candidate accuses the other of lying
– A candidate gets a smug little smile while the other candidate is talking
– A candidate says something fawning about their presidential candidate

Gulp every time:
– One of the following is mentioned:
– Drone strikes
– Any women’s rights issue
– Gun control (extra gulp if they talk about any recent shooting incident)
– You get lost in Paul Ryan’s dreamy, dreamy eyes
– Joe Biden misuses the word literally
– Paul Ryan brings up Biden’s “buried” middle-class gaffe
– The moderator actually presses a candidate to answer a dodged question
– The candidates agree on something

Finish your drink if:
– Joe Biden gets lost in Paul Ryan’s dreamy, dreamy eyes
– Someone refers to Paul Ryan’s workout plan (take a whole extra drink if someone mentions “P90X’)
– Paul Ryan brings up Biden’s “buried” stash of Aztec gold
– Joe Biden begins discussing the relative attractiveness of the potential first ladies
– Either candidate starts referring to what their 2016 campaign platform might be, “you know, just hypothetically
– Paul Ryan slips in a few Ayn Rand quotations hoping that no one will notice
– Biden slips in the Reagan joke about exploiting his opponent’s youth and inexperience and hopes no one will notice

The Recipe
The Veep Van Winkle
by Greg Hubbs

You gotta have a drink for the drinking game, right? So, I’ve put together a little concoction that will help the night go a little more smoothly. I just can’t make any promises about what it might do for your tomorrow.Things are bound to start off a little frosty with the handshake when Biden and Ryan hit the stage, so start making the drink by filling a shaker with ice. Then, since we’re in Kentucky and at Centre College, what better way to honor the state and one of the college’s alumni than to add some Pappy Van Winkle bourbon?From there, add some blue for the Democrats in the room by adding the blue curacao. Then, for a little Republican red, add the apple juice (Mitt’s a devout Mormon, so no booze for him).For yourself, give it a couple of dashes of bitters, because let’s be honest, regardless of party, we all have something to be bitter about.

Then, shake it like a candidate working the rope line. Pour into iced highball glasses. To finish up, those campaign commercials are getting grating, aren’t they? So, give each glass a couple of grates of fresh nutmeg.

The Veep Never Sleeps
or The Veep Van Winkle

1 1/2 oz bourbon
1 oz Blue Curacao
3/4 cup of apple juice
Angostura Bitters


Pappy is Coming!

If your Pappy stores are running low, don’t panic. Van Winkle bourbons will be back on shelves in late October. Julian Van Winkle, President, says, “When bourbon ages over 15 years, much is lost to the angel’s share.  Many barrels often yield less than 20 gallons, out of the original 53 gallons produced. However, our patience creates bourbon with unrivaled flavor.”

Although Van Winkle bourbons have become increasingly popular worldwide in recent years, less is sent overseas to allow more to remain in the United States.  “Because demand has escalated so much here, we’ve decided to scale back exports to help supply our American fan base,” continued Van Winkle.

There will be more Old Rip Van Winkle 10 Year Old Bourbon at 107 proof. “We prefer the taste of our 10 year old bourbon at 107 proof. The rich flavor is compounded by the high proof,” added Van Winkle. “We’ll no longer bottle our 10 year old whiskey at 90 proof. Therefore, there will be more 107 proof available. For those who will miss the 90 proof Old Rip, we suggest adding a little more water to their glass. As Pappy used to say, ‘why ship all that water across the country!’”

Pappy Van Winkle

The Van Winkle Whiskeys will be available near the end of October, and will be packed three bottles per case, rather than traditional 12 bottle cases.

The Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery has a four generation history. The Van Winkle family’s involvement in the bourbon industry began in the late 1800s with Julian P. “Pappy” Van Winkle, Sr.