Hurricane Sandy: Frankenstorm, a drink and drinking game

Hurricane Sandy: Frankenstorm, a drink and drinking game

Garden and Gun Magazine’s Dark and Stormy take on Hurricane Sandy.


Who would have thought that we’d find ourselves in a landlocked state worrying about an inland hurricane at Halloween?

Yes kids, Hurricane Sandy, the Frankenstorm is upon us, a mix of rain, snow, wind and waves like nothing the region that is expecting it has ever seen.

Of course, all necessary precautions for safety and shelter should be taken, but what then?

It seems to me that it’d be best to defer to those with more experience. So, let’s take a cue from the folks down In the Delta.

To help out, a delicious cocktail inspired by some tropical Hurricane flavor with a little Long Island (tea) goodness.

The Frankenstorm:

Fill your vessel (glass, pitcher, cooler) with ice.

1 part vodka
1 part rum
1 part coconut rum
1 part tequila
Equal parts pineapple juice and orange juice to fill
Grenadine (a splash for a glass)
Lemon-lime soda (a splash for a glass)

Stir and enjoy.

A few ideas for a drinking game (for those 21 and over, who have responsibly designated a driver):
Drink each time Bill Meck cuts into programming.
Drink each time a roving reporter is holding on to a solid object to stand upright while reporting.
Finish your drink if the reporter is actually knocked down.
Drink each time “The Perfect Storm” is referenced.

Drink if Al Roker or Jim Cantore stand in the water.
Chug when Pat Robertson releases his statement on who is to blame for the storm.

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