Presidential Debate Drinking Games. Now With Bingo!

Presidential Debate Drinking Games. Now With Bingo!



The Game
by Raj Ranade

THE RULES OF THE Ace Readers’ 2012 Presidential Debate Part Two Drinking Game

(first, stay home; no driving; and you must be over 21)

So, Ace readers! Want to join in on the debate fun at home? Here are the rules for the Ace Readers’ drinking game:

Chug your drink until your profound disillusionment with the American political process and your statistically meaningless place within it goes away!

Ha ha, just kidding! You’ll need to save some of that liver function for the next debate, you crazy kids! The recommended drink of choice for this game is, of course, a craft beer from West 6th Brewery or a Bourbon Barrel Ale, or the Pappy for President cocktail, created by Greg Hubbs (at the right).

Sip every time:

One of the following is mentioned:
– The word “percent,” in any context
– The middle class
– Medicare
– Tax cut
– Simpson-Bowles
– A candidate’s family member (take an extra sip if a candidate mentions a family member of his opponent)
– A candidate ignores/interrupts the moderator
– A candidate accuses the other of lying
– A candidate gets a smug little smile while the other candidate is talking

Gulp every time:
One of the following is mentioned:
– Drone strikes
– Any women’s rights issue
– Gun control (extra gulp if they talk about any recent shooting incident)
– The moderator actually presses a candidate to answer a dodged question
– The candidates agree on something

Finish your drink if:
– either candidate mentions the other’s hair
– either candidate discusses the relative attractiveness of the potential first ladies
– Either candidate starts referring to what their 2016 campaign platform might be, “you know, just hypothetically
–  Magic Underwear is mentioned


The Recipe
The Pappy For President
by Greg Hubbs

You gotta have a drink for the drinking game, right? So, I’ve put together a little concoction that will help the night go a little more smoothly. I just can’t make any promises about what it might do for your tomorrow.Things are bound to start off a little frosty with the handshake when Obama and Romney hit the stage, so start making the drink by filling a shaker with ice and add some Pappy Van Winkle bourbon (legend has it, Pappy attended Centre Collegesite of the only 2012 vice presidential debate). From there, add some blue for the Democrats in the room by adding the blue curacao. Then, for a little Republican red, add the apple juice (Mitt’s a devout Mormon, so no booze for him). For yourself, give it a couple of dashes of bitters, because let’s be honest, regardless of party, we all have something to be bitter about.

Then, shake it like a candidate working the rope line. Pour into iced highball glasses. To finish up, those campaign commercials are getting grating, aren’t they? So, give each glass a couple of grates of fresh nutmeg.

The Pappy for President

1 1/2 oz bourbon
1 oz Blue Curacao
3/4 cup of apple juice
Angostura Bitters


And Now, Bingo

It’s almost debate time folks!

We can’t help but feel that this debate might be better if we had the chance to engage more directly with the candidates’ issues. The question is: how?

Well BINGO obviously.

The rules are simple:

1. For every word or phrase on your BINGO card that is mentioned during the debate, take a shot (or eat a bourbon ball, or what-have-you).
2. Once you get BINGO and you’re well on your way to actually enjoying this debate, take a photo of yourself and 3. Tweet or Facebook #AceAtDebate to let us know all the fun you’re having.
4. Take a 5 minute breather.
5. Repeat.

Now is the time to prep yourself (brace yourself?). Pull up Ace on Facebook and Twitter so you can follow the debate online. And we’ll keep an eye on your progress down the BINGO rabbit-hole as you send your increasingly blurry photos documenting the fun you’re having at your body’s expense.