Sandwich Shop 2: Korean Pancake Pop Up in Lexington

Sandwich Shop 2: Korean Pancake Pop Up in Lexington

text byAce food writer, Chef Tom; photos Coleman Guyon

Shipley makes a sandwich

While Lexington is slowly adjusting to a burgeoning food truck scene, pop-up restaurants are still an uncommon occurrence.

In the summer of 2010, Lexington chef Johnny Shipley and Institute 193 teamed up for “Sandwich Shop.” For one week, from noon to 2, Shipley served Banh Mi sandwiches at the Institute 193 gallery space at 193 N. Limestone.

Shipley, formerly of Table 310, will be reprising the concept October 22 thru October 26, with a different menu.

This time, Shipley will prepare pa-jeon kim chi belly pancakes. Pa-jeon are Korean pancakes made with eggs, rice flour, and scallions. Shipley’s version will also include carrots, kim chi, and pork belly.

These pancakes are usually served with a dipping sauce, soy, sugar, Vin..similar to pot sticker sauce. Pork belly sounds like a fabulous addition. Pa-jeon classic pancake can be filled with anything. Balance is key. Sometimes they’re garnished with sliced chilis for heat…..and color.

Shipley knows what he’s doing. We all have access to fabulous Korean food here in Lexington now. Restaurants and markets. The food is so seductive, people weep. Ingredients can be found at all our local Asian markets. This town is fortunate for that. Gochujang, rice flour, even chicken feet (in my freezer!) Who can forget Louisville chef Edward Lee on iron chef: Battle Tongue and Cheek.)

Good for him. Good for Shipley for bringing Korean food to Lexington’s downtown streets. It’ll be like being there.

The pa-jeon will be for sale for $5 each. “All proceeds support the mission of Institute 193—to advance the careers of contemporary Southern artists and enrich the cultural landscape of central Kentucky.”