Movie trailer for “Pleased to Meet Me” features John Doe, Aimee Mann,...

Movie trailer for “Pleased to Meet Me” features John Doe, Aimee Mann, Wainwright

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If the tale of the trailer reads the way we think it does, Louisville filmmaker Archie Borders has done it. Pleased To Meet Me movie logo

His independent film “Pleased To Meet Me,” starring music stars John Doe, Aimee Mann and Loudon Wainwright acting in musician roles in an expanded story based on the “This American Life” classic “Everybody Speaks Elton John,”  seems to hit the right note. It’s a slide somewhere between poignant and peculiar, with no precious.

The film, by Borders (a former Ace Weekly “Brains on Film” movie critic and writer) was supported in part by a Kickstarter campaign.  Shooting, including live concert footage, in Louisville is concluded and the first pass edit is done, according to Borders. The film features Joe Henry, who will also spearhead what looks to be a great soundtrack.

The first trailer shows that Borders has worked with a light touch and the cast came to play. Read about “Pleased To Meet Me” in earlier Ace coverage.

“Pleased to Meet Me Trailer” w Aimee Mann, John Doe, Loudon Wainwright