Will Wal-Mart Black Friday Strike affect Kentucky Stores?

Will Wal-Mart Black Friday Strike affect Kentucky Stores?

(l)HuffPo asks Kentucky readers for Wal-Mart Black Friday Strike input; (r) HuffPo app serves up a WalMart wrap ad

Will the threat of a Black Friday Wal-Mart worker walk-out affect Kentucky Wal-Mart stores the day after Thanksgiving?

HuffPo thinks it might.

An email sent to Kentucky HuffPo subscribers on Wednesday, November 21, read:

“At hundreds of stores across the country, Walmart workers are planning to strike this Friday.

We want to know what is happening in Kentucky.

Do you know anyone striking on Friday? How do you feel about the possibility of a strike?

Help us see how it all unfolds. Send your pictures, videos and stories …Or tag your photos anywhere online with #walmartstrikers and your location.

Thanks for your help, and have a happy Thanksgiving.

The HuffPost Firsthand Team”
A follow-up search on the HuffPo app reported a considerable amount of coverage about the prospective walk-out, all served up on mobile with a Wal-Mart ad wrap.

On Wednesday afternoon, HuffPo reported,

Lone Worker Walks Out, Receives Trespass Warning Ahead Of Black Friday”

“The walkout included just one worker — Vanessa Ferreira, age 59. Ferreira informed her manager publicly Wednesday morning that she was going on strike. The other employees watched her walk out of the store, then went back to doing their jobs.

“Within a half hour, Ferreira would be told by police outside that she was trespassing and ordered to leave. She’s worked in the store’s cake department for eight years, and she earns $11.90 an hour, she said.”

Lexington Wal-Marts include one near Russell Cave Road and New Circle on Lexington’s northside; one on Richmond Road; another out in Hamburg (near Sir Barton and Winchester); a small store near Tates Creek at Saron; and another on the Southside past Fayette Mall.
One blog, Slow Christmas, suggested, “It’s Thanksgiving you assholes, not “Black Thursday”

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