Jennifer Lawrence wins Screen Actors Guild Award for Silver Linings Playbook

Jennifer Lawrence wins Screen Actors Guild Award for Silver Linings Playbook

Kentucky native Jennifer Lawrence is on a roll, tonight accepting the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress for her role in the heavily Oscar-nominated Silver Linings Playbook, following her win earlier this month at the Golden Globes. (We cheered wildly for her Winter’s Bone Oscar nomination. She wuz robbed.)

It was rumored she might not be able to attend the SAG awards, and she confirmed on the red carpet that she has a case of walking pneumonia, though she brushed off concerns as a trouper. In accepting tonight’s award, after sustaining a possible wardrobe malfunction on the way to the microphone (her tiered Dior dress split as she climbed the stairs, exposing the sheer lining underneath).

She said,

“I want to thank MTV. I’ll explain that. I earned my SAG card when I was 14. I did an MTV promo for My Super Sweet 16, and I remember getting it in the mail and it being the best day of my entire life because it officially made me a professional actor which put me in the category with all of you. And now I have this naked statue that means that some of you even voted for me. And that is an undescribable feeling. Thank you. And I want to thank David [director David O. Russell]. You made a movie for your son, so that he wouldn’t feel alone, and so that he could feel understood. And I think I can speak on behalf of most of us in saying that you helped more than your son. You’ve helped so many sons and daughters, husbands, wives…Bradley, my performance would not be what it is without you. You made me better every day and I can say the same for the movie. That the movie would not be what it is without you. And Harvey, I mean, I don’t even know what to say anymore. You’re a rascal. You have nourished the filmmakers who have nourished me, and you’ve paved a pretty much impossible road for all of us. So thank you, and thank you to my family, I love you.”

She followed her Golden Globe win with followup appearances on Letterman and Saturday Night Live where she explained her “I Beat Meryl,” comment as quoting a line from The First Wives Club (and made a few hilarious comments about her aversion to twitter, all of which wound down, somehow, to anal leakage). She remains the rarest of rare: an uncensored, unfiltered Hollywood It Girl.

Earlier in the evening on the red carpet, she was in light spirits, describing her reluctant tom boy days, playing with the mani-cam, and expressing fear of a Live show.